You First Services, Inc. Website

You First Services, Inc. is a start-up based in Buffalo, NY. The company specializes in aquisition, development, manufacturing and commercialization of unique technologies. I worked at You First Services as a full-time multimedia designer and digital marketing manager and during that time I have designed, developed and launched all company websites, including this main corporate site. 

Disclaimer: If you would like to visit the real website, please be advised that since I have departed You First Services, new changes may have been made to the site which do not in any way reflect my visual style or development practices.

The website’s aim is to familiarize the visitor with the company, its goals and products. The management at You First Services likes to see a lot of different content on the websites. They especially enjoy colorful images and animated content, such as videos. The overall design was conceptualized in collaboration with New York City’s based consultant, Rudy Barrio.


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