Website for Lubricity Innovations

Lubricity is an innovative product for dry mouth. The website is one of the most important marketing tools for its promotion. The site was built with a goal of providing thorough information not only about the product itself, but also about the issues it solves. A simple e-commerce store allows the end-users to purchase it directly from the company. The site was built in WordPress, with WooCommerce store. The store was customized to allow special client login for wholesale customers who could purchase bulk product packages not available to regular website visitors.

The front end design of Lubricity’s site aims for simplicity and ease of use. On the back end, I configured a set of tools and integrations to speed up and organize order processing and sales analysis. 

The site is styled in accordance with established branding guidelines for the product. It uses the bright accent color common to all other marketing materials. The home page of the site is designed to provide the most essential information in a clear and concise way. It contains moderate amount of images and follows the principles of clean and clutterless layout. 

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