Hi there!

Thank you for your interest in my humble portfolio. I am a full-time web developer working with an amazing team of Marketing Tech. I design and develop websites for a diverse range of clients, and also help with the SEM and digital advertising efforts. I also work independently with a small group of my own clients, and my personal projects.  The websites I worked on in the past include anything from a simple “one-pager” to a fairly large e-commerce store.

My educational background is set in the visual communications design. I started my learning journey in the Digital Media program at Niagara County Community College. During this time, I focused mainly on video production, photography, and graphic design. After completing the program, I transferred to the University at Buffalo’s Media Study Department and chose the multidisciplinary production track. At UB, I dived into the world of web development, programming, interactivity and games. I found myself really enjoying the technical programming courses. After this discovery, I’ve been teaching myself programming using variety of resources. So, I’ve really tried to combine artistic skills and visual creativity with technical and precise sciences, and introduced myself to the fields that relate to each other but often stand apart in professional world. 

I think, this multidisciplinary background allows me to work on complex projects and understand them from a wider perspective. It also enables me to complete projects very fast, and makes it easier to tackle new challenges along the way. 

In my work I use

Google Developer Tools
Adobe Photoshop
Affinity Photo & Designer
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator

More About Me

Optimistic, Friendly, Adventurous

People are what matters most to me. I enjoy being with my wonderful family and friends, spending time with them and making new memories. I also enjoy travelling, visiting new or already familiar locations, cultural establishments and events.   

I enjoy good books, films and music.  I spent six years during high school and my first college acting with an independent repertoire theater in my hometown. That experience has been invaluable when it comes to learning how to work and create with other talented people. 

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